TaylorMade R11 Driver with 3D TUNING technology

With the ability to customize the club head up to 48 positions by the Three Dimensions to Distance (3-D)

Which position best for you?

Taylor Made is proud to offer the driver that came with the TaylorMade R11 Driver “By combining Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP), our new to Flight Control Technology (FCT) and Movable Weight Technology (MWT), which is proven by the fact that in the head with the R11 is a driver that players can customize. to match their style of attack is more accurate than ever before. ”

Introducing technology Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP).

This time you change the loft of the head with the FCT, the opening angle of the face must be changed by default. The Loft is on the increase. Will result in a face off. If the loft decreases. Adjustable Sole Plate to face up to solve this problem by allowing you to adjust the face angle without messy loft on the FCT control.

The red button on the driver symbol that ASP makes it possible to change the angle off of face ± 2 ° (New e-Guide / square, 2 ° open, 2 ° closed), you can loft it. levels without changing the angle off the clubface. You can also adjust the angle of the clubface more open. Or adjust the face angle as well off as desired. However, when a combination of ASP and FCT will provide the ability to adjust the angle off the clubface to increase doubling of ± 2 ° to ± 4 ° with

Three Dimensions to Distance (3-D):.

Combines three technologies – ASP, FCT and MWT – combined into one.

When combined, these three technologies ASP, FCT and MWT together and players can customize the clubhead to 48 positions and increase the range of the ball from left to right, up to 100 yards or more drivers. any of the FCT and MWT in the world, all together will help to launch an increase or a decrease of 2 degrees and a spin rate of increase or decrease in the 1000 revolutions per minute.

FCT system is updated, streamlined elegance and efficiency. It has less mass and lower center of gravity head is comparable to that tweak the drivers of competitive products.

The TaylorMade R11 driver has two pins weight is 10 g and 1 g (6 g and 1 g of Asian Spec) to get the ball to the pins, it’s just a heavier weight at the toe. To draw the ball, it’s just a heavier weighting of the pins on the heel.

For players who prefer the open face of a trajectory can be adjusted independently. Without prejudice to the ASP, for example, in the case of players who want to see face to the toe. And continues to draw the ball. If the driver R11 will be able to open the face using ASP and put pins weighted heavier on the heel that is the face opening to be weighting draw Dubai. Assembly with

Understanding the 3-D: Three simple ways to adjust the TaylorMade R11 driver to match the needs of most players.

Head platform with ASP, FCT and MWT of Taylor Made Fitting a revolutionary process and enhance the efficiency reaches a maximum. Fitting the R11 driver can be done with the following three forms.

1. (FCT) to a loft with a choice between the standard set by the FCT. Or add a loft up a degree or less loft to a degree (and ± 0.5 degrees to the left) when you change the loft and angle off the clubface will change accordingly. The more loft the ball high, it’s even close. While if the lower loft. Face, it’s even opened.

2. (ASP) stretch of woods in the address, then consider whether you want to change the face or not. If it does not look too close to the ASP to the square or open face. If you do not see too open to the ASP to square off the corner off my face and did not see any need to deploy ASP.

3. (MWT) The weighted pins as necessary to achieve the desired trajectory. Trend toward the direction of the ball will end with the pins as if the pins are heavier than 10 grams, the weight toward the heel to the ball and draw more.


Modern head shape is a classic. Shell white wood trim, wood coated with a black PVC. To establish a clear target.

TaylorMade R11 driver has been designed with a head shaped modern classic. To the eye of skilled players. It also offers forgiveness and confidence to the general level players. The shape of the head, this is contemporary rather than traditional drives. Much to the triangle, and it looks a little bit. He advanced to the touch wood, but classic at the same time. This triangular shape that allows for a higher moment of inertia and center of gravity at the retraction position to the rear. To the stability and forgiveness on the rise.

TaylorMade R11 driver 440cc size is larger than a few (2%) as white metal armature. Most golfers will see that the size of the head of the stretch, when compared to the size an important factor in increasing confidence.

White, black PVC shell and head of the racket. The cut to the ground. To make it clear target by TaylorMade R11 driver and bolder. Useful at this point can be seen more clearly in low light conditions, such as when hitting the tee in the shade or shadow on the sky or the sun is positioned low in the morning and evening. The color of the crust to help prevent the “hot spot” and is caused by the sunlight reflected on the polished surface of the head as well.

Shaft has been designed and constructed to have properties. According to information received from the players on the tour.

TaylorMade R11 driver was designed according to feedback from players on the tour. And a bundle of three drivers of the greatest technologies, including ASP, with a one. The response has been excellent. We expect that this will become one as soon as possible after it started to be used in PGA Tour competition, the R11 retains the Inverted Cone Technology at the rear face. To get a higher ball speed when it hit the center of the face as well as drivers, Taylor Made and other models.

TaylorMade R11 driver has a length of 45.75 “and comes with a shaft of a Fujikura Blur 60 g, with the media on the firmware shaft Fujikura Blur uses material large weave on the outer layer of skin to achieve stability than We’ve hit the ball. So along the shaft and then this model can provide a greater distance and greater control over It does not make sense, just as relentless as the end of the shaft with some harder.

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