The most important stroke of the golf game

We all had start to play golf by swing plan drilling, approach to the target, stroke from hazards through putting to the hole. Have you ever thought which one is the most important stroke of the golf game? Which club you got it every hole?

Yes, I mean putter. The golf courses are design difference layout for each one. But they are prepare 2 putting for each holes or 36 putting for 18 holes.

Did you think about this?

You should be practice putting from the different distance on the putting mat till you make it in control, next to the flat green. It may be your garden that you decorated to be green. Then, go on the slope green.

If you better only one putt that means you can reduce your score down to 18 strokes!!!

If you strong in some part of golf game, that should be putting first.

Some golfer might see the practice putting is very tedious. But I believe the results can make you smile all day.

TaylorMade R11 Driver with 3D TUNING technology

With the ability to customize the club head up to 48 positions by the Three Dimensions to Distance (3-D)

Which position best for you?

Taylor Made is proud to offer the driver that came with the TaylorMade R11 Driver “By combining Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP), our new to Flight Control Technology (FCT) and Movable Weight Technology (MWT), which is proven by the fact that in the head with the R11 is a driver that players can customize. to match their style of attack is more accurate than ever before. ”

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Titleist Scotty Cameron California Monterey Putter

Golf Digest’s 2010 “Hot List” GOLD Medal winners for Putter

“Meanwhile you address for putt. The compact shape helps me feel the position of the face.”

“It’s so very pure, very beautiful.”

“The great feedback. You sense the slightest variation in contact.”

“Love the simple, classic look.”

“The fine art putter that’s work very well.”

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Golf Launchpad for Pc/Mac

Great overview of golf courses i may never get a chance to play in real life.”

“Play the full game from driving to putting with all your clubs.”

“When it gets to cold for the range. I will definately use this more in the winter ”

“The best swing simulator for the money.”

“So, let’s go golf in my home”

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Callaway FT-9 Driver

“Make my shot…”

“I try to imagine the way of my ball. FT-9 try to go as my imagine.”

“I don’t like the FT-9 driver, because it make my current driver be the poor.”

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Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS Driver

Cleveland HiBORE Monster XLS Driver“The new shape of Cleveland HiBORE Monster drive me to try. More distance without any adjust my swing. That’s great.”

“Easy control the ball be on the fairway. Easy drive the ball to longer.”

“If you are looking new driver, test it also before decision.”

“I don’t like the head but I love result.”

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Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator

Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator“The great thing about it is that it tells you exactly what you are doing wrong, outside/in swing with open club face”

“I am very satisified with my purchase as the accuracy, reliability, and ease of use of this product far exceeded my expectations.”

“The 3DD software that is included has some really good graphics and is quite realistic.”

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Bushnell Pro 1600 Tournament Edition Laser Rangefinder with Pinseeker

Bushnell Pro 1600 Tournament Edition Laser Rangefinder with Pinseeker“Bushnell Pro 1600 has helped me to shave a few strokes off my game.”

“Wonderful ease of use and accuracy.”

“The Bushnell Pro 1600 is easy to use and extremely accurate.”

“Finds the target fast and has really helped me with knowing how far I am actually hitting the ball.”

“So long as your approach shot distances are fairly consistent, you’ll benefit from not having to guess if the flag is front back or middle.”

“The pinseeker feature is excellent for picking up the flag. Using the other setting is helpful in picking layup distances.”

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Odyssey Black Series-i #7 Putter

Odyssey Black Series-i #7 Putter“This putter is well worth the price!”

“Face is so well balanced…looks take some getting used to.”

“The slightly heavy feel it had as well, so that pretty much confirms it.”

“Fantastic feeling and performing…striking design…zones on hole”

“I like the way it sets up, the alignment marks, the insert…everything.”

Inspired by Black Series, the Odyssey Black Series i #7 Putter, also known as the Fang Putter, offers an advanced insert and weighting technology for golfers demanding the best in performance, precision and craftsmanship.

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Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible: Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score

Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible
“In golf, how to play inside of 100 yards is the prime determinant of how you score…”
“Dave Pelz has added more irrefutable knowledge to golf instruction than any man alive. This new book is indeed the bible of the short game.”

“In one day’s work with Pelz, I learned more about putting than I had known my entire life. . . . None of us out here practiced our short games enough, but those of us who have paid attention to Pelz know it’s the way to lower scores.”

“Dave Pelz is the most confident person, let alone coach, I’ve ever been around. His science-based knowledge is the best I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t have won my sixth European Order of Merit without his help. His short-game system is improving my game, and has me the most excited I’ve ever been about my own ability to score.”

“Dave Pelz is the best. It’s pure and simple. If you want to play your best, you work with the best . . . that’s Pelz.”

“Use this book to overcome your stalled thinking about how to improve your golf game.”

“It isn’t written for scientists, just golfers. He provides all the information you need to make your own game better.”

“This is a must read for every player interested in lower scores. I can’t wait until the rest of this 4 book series are in print.”

And a lot of reviews that you can read in anywhere from Pros, Newbies, or Editorials. If you are golfer to find improve your golf game, you must to read Dave Pelz Short Game Bible.

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